Welding robot - EasyWelder

Intuitive and fast welding path programming guarantees efficient and precise welding even in short runs

The use of traditional industrial welding robots requires specialized knowledge and time-consuming programming, which means that they mainly apply
in long production runs.

Welding with the HCR collaborative robot with the welding source KEMPPI A7, allows for easy and quick design of welding paths and selection of technological parameters. Learning paths can be made by showing points, registering the movement of a robot arm performed by the Operator or importing tracks from CAD software [Inventor, SolidWorks, AutoCAD] using the AUTOMAPPPS software. This allows you to program the track in a few minutes, and reloading the ready programs in a few seconds. HCR welding robot is a great way to improve production in the company.

EasyWelder - gotowy zrobotyzowany zestaw spawalniczy do łatwego i szybkiego spawania

From now on, a specialist with welding qualifications is required only to mount the robot on the bench and process settings. Everyday work of the station, ie loading elements and starting the welding process, can be performed by a trained employee or a second HCR robot. EasyWelder has a CE declaration of conformity, which facilitates and accelerates the process of certification of the welding station’s safety.

EasyWelder is based on the HCR industrial collaborative produced by the HANHWA, which provides solutions for the aviation, military and machine industries. HANWHA occupies 246th place among the largest companies in the world and number 3 in South Korea, achieving annual revenue of 56 billion USD. The welding equipment supplier is a Finnish company KEMPPI, which is a leader in providing innovative welding solutions.

EasyWelder - gotowy zrobotyzowany zestaw spawalniczy do łatwego i szybkiego spawania


  • Ready, configured, universal welding set – Turn on and Weld
  • Full integration of the HCR robot with the A7 welding source functions
  • Easy programming of paths and technological parameters – showing and registering a point / path,
  • Ability to import complicated paths from CAD software [Inventor, AutoCAD, SolidWorks, etc.]
  • Monitored quality of welds based on WeldEye software
  • Industrial collaborative robot HCR – a fully metal arm for difficult working conditions
    100% repeatability, high quality and performance over 24 hours throughout the entire service life
  • One set for many welding processes – a library of typical synergic curves
  • Touch Sense Ignition – the arc stabilization function immediately after striking, reduces the risk of spatter
  • Specialized processes and special functions developed by Kemppi for demanding applications.
  • The best arc characteristics when welding aluminum at high speed (WiseFusion),
    narrow-gap welding (RGT), welding of root layers (WiseRoot +),
    welding thin sheets (WiseThin +)
  • Welding speed optimization
  • Robust wire feed housing with integrated electronic feeder controller
    enables faster and more precise control and greater resistance to external disturbances.
  • A twin-engine feeding mechanism
  • The integrated gas flow sensor in the wire feeder allows you to monitor the gas flow
    curtain – without the need for additional sensors.
  • Freely configurable trace voltage level
  • Detection of a piece welded by a current tip or by means of a gas nozzle
  • Access to the power source from the HCR robot, computer via Ethernet and any browser

Welding robot programming

EasyWelder programming can be done based on the RODI interface or based on dedicated HanwhaWeld simple software in which we select start and stop points for a line, we can specify the radius when one line goes into the other in a different direction, or set 3 points for an arc or circle. For this we set the welding start delay and technology number from the welding source. Teaching points is done using the robot arm – you can use the optional button on the wrist that puts the robot into the “DIRECT TEACHING” learning mode. See the video for yourself, where the ease of the EasyWelder programming process is shown.

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Welding robot

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