Vibration feeder - AsyCube

AsyCube 530 vibratory feeder

The AsyCube 530 feeder allows you to handle small parts with a size from 30 to 150 mm.

Vibration Platform Size:
427 x 371 mm; ~ 530 mm diagonally

Feeder size (L x W x H):
600 x 372 x 320 mm

Tray size
15 liters

Podajnik wibracyjny 3D

AsyCube key benefits

  • Compatible with all part geometries: 99% of all parts of the correct size are separable – including complex geometries and delicate materials
  • The shortest configuration and product change times for new elements,
  • Extremely gentle separation: 3-axis vibration technology allows parts to move freely in all directions on the illuminated table. Minimal wear as parts are not recirculated like in a spiral conveyor. The platform can be emptied.
  • Long life-time due to advanced electromagnetic actuators;
  • No compressed air required
  • No transmission of vibrations to the surrounding machines due to the separation of the vibration platform from the base of the device
  • Accurate part recognition: integrated backlight / optional SmartSight part recognition and image processing
  • Systematic orientation and alignment of parts possible due to structured platforms (grooves, holes, recesses / slots)
  • Easy installation and configuration with Feeder Control Center software