Machining with an HCR robot

Machining with an HCR robot

Despite the fact that the efficient operation of the machine requires a fast, efficient and adapted to material logistics system in the production hall, they usually require manual operation by employees, from loading and unloading machines to handling finishing operations.

Operators can operate many machines, but for many highly qualified employees, routine operation of machines can become boring – leading to errors, downtime, loss of performance and even accidents. While the automation of repetitive tasks makes sense, qualified people are still needed to respond to planned changes using a machine, workpiece or environment.

It seemed impossible to reconcile these two conflicting needs – automation and intelligence. Until now!

Benefits of machine automation and robotization

Intelligence – motion control technology in HCR robots, allows the robot to work just like people, dynamically managing variable jobs and adapting to real conditions.

Flexibility – HCR can be equipped with camera systems and force sensors that enable robot positioning and detect changes in the position of details or changes in the workplace. The powerful but intuitive RODI software enables employees to quickly and easily teach cobot on new tasks when production needs change.

Fast ROI – the built-in intelligence of the HCR robot translates into shorter working hours, lower waste levels and significant improvement in process quality. These benefits lead to significantly lower operating costs for the entire line – which means that you achieve ROI in months rather than years.

Safety – regardless of changes in the labor market and global trends, you can scale your production to changing needs in a completely safe way. The robot will accurately, precisely and quickly carry out activities that you teach it in a few minutes.

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