Use our network of qualified integrators that will prepare the process robotization concept, calculate the planned rate of return on investment, design, provide robots and auxiliary equipment, perform installation, commissioning, integration and training for service.

Our partner companies have high competences and experience and are available to assist you throughout the lifetime and respond to emerging needs.

BIAP provides comprehensive solutions in the field of industrial automation, electric drives control and robotics, ensuring the implementation of projects ranging from economic analysis and design through comprehensive implementation to commissioning and maintenance. The company’s team consists of high-class specialists with many years of experience in robotic applications. 

BIAP Sp.z o.o.  A: ul. Muchoborska 16, 54-424 Wrocław T: +48 71 769 78 00 E:

Dentec is a high-tec company specializing in solutions in the field of automation, robotics and industrial grippers. The company was founded by automation and robotics engineers. The combination of professional experience and knowledge in the field of Automation and Robotics guarantees the highest quality technical support and individual approach to the client, whose needs are always placed first.

DENTEC Sp.z o.o. A: 02-878 Warsaw, ul. Gajdy 20,  T: +48 601 196 260, +48 888 447 882   E:

PB Technik deals with the sale and supply of technological lines, equipment and consumables, as well as chemical materials for electronic industry, and thanks to the continuous expansion of the offer, it can now boast the position of one of the leading suppliers in Poland. Many years of experience in the industry has enabled us to build an attractive offer based on products of renowned brands and efficient and professional service.

PB Technik Sp.z o.o.
A:  Zwoleńska 27, 04-761 Warszawa, T: +48 22 615 83 44,, E:

Petpoint Automation to renomowany dostawca rozwiązań do automatyzacji i robotyzacji produkcji opakowań. Wieloletnie doświadczenie i setki aplikacji pracujących w kraju i zagranicą, zapewniają najwyższą jakość oferowanych rozwiązań. Firma oferuje maszyny i linie do butelkowania, kontroli jakości, paletyzacji, etykietowania, zakręcania, pakowania, montażu, kontroli wagi produktu, transportery, podajniki, stoły wibracyjne, testery szczelności, foliarki.

Petpoint Automation Sp.z o.o.
A:  Wielgolas Brzeziński 1C, 05-076 Wielgolas Brzeziński , T: +48 22 779 56 67, E:

Raion Automatyka is a company that successfully strengthens the efficiency of Polish enterprises based on robots and automation of machines and production lines. RAION designs and executes automation systems and the specialty is machine construction. The company’s team consists of engineers with high competences acquired during numerous implementations.

RAION Automatyka Sp.z o.o. A: ul. Główna 10, 61-005 Poznań  T: +48 796 127 952, E:

RentCobot to firma inżynierska dostarczająca usług wynajmu robotów współpracujących HCR. Firma oferuje wynajem krótko, średnio i długoterminowy. Poza wynajmem oferuje również doradztwo i wdrożenia Cobotów do obsługi poszczególnych procesów produkcyjnych.

MEGIS Sp.z o.o. A:  42-280 Częstochowa, ul. Przestrzenna 20, T: +48 798 305 080, E:

SLC Automation is a renowned supplier of solutions for automation and robotization of production processes and CNC machines. The company performs comprehensive robotic stations, feeders for machines, mobile bases, pallet exchangers, filtration systems of coolant for machines. SLC Automation has dozens of implemented applications that significantly strengthened the effectiveness of enterprises. The company specializes in applications related to metalworking and assembly of components.

SLC Automation Sp.z o.o. A: 22-600 Tomaszów Lubelski, ul. Łaszczowiecka 7c, T: +48 794 935 718, E:

SUCCON GROUP is made up of enthusiasts of industry automation and robotization. They have extensive experience related to the integration of HCR robots in the Polish industry. The company provides a full range of services from consulting in the field of Industry 4.0 through the implementation of the concept, design to the construction of a robotic station, commissioning, training and maintenance services.

SUCCON GROUP A: 35-505 Rzeszów, ul. Dynowska 17, T: +48 889 904 501, E: damian.wasik@succon.pl889 904 501

VELTECH are people who are passionate about welding. Their many years of process knowledge allow for optimal selection of robotic solutions regardless of whether we are talking about welding aluminum, steel, thin-walled or thick-walled elements. VELTECH provides a comprehensive solution, ranging from the concept, calculating the rate of return on investment in a welding robot, equipment delivery, service training and supplies of consumables.

A: 80-299 Gdańsk,  ul. Oriona 56, T: +48 58 742 29 83, E:
A: 41-400 Mysłowice,  ul. Rzemieślnicza 38, T: +48 32 700 88 52, E: biuro@veltech.eu8889 904 501

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