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CoRobotics is a group of professionals for whom automation, robotics and artificial intelligence are our passion. We are particularly motivated by the ambitious challenges we face with our clients and partners. First of all, we focus on high-quality solutions, secondly on proven technology providers. Thirdly, people. CoRobotics is a team of experienced and open to new technologies specialists. What’s more, we have extensive competences in the field of Industry 4.0 and robotization of processes. We have completed many implementations, concepts and trainings. CoRobotics is a distributor of HANWHA Robotics from South Korea, ROBOTIQ from Canada, Convergent Information Technologies from Autstria and OnRobot from Denmark.

At the end of the values ​​that we direct in our daily activities:


As a result of cooperation with HANWHA we provide in Poland: distribution, implementation, technical support, service, training, consulting and applications for the whole family of HCR collaborative robots. The HCR robot manufacturer is part of the large industrial group HANWHA with annual revenues exceeding 55 billion. USD and 247th position of the largest companies in the world FORTUNE 500. Choosing HCR robots, you get high-end robotic solutions. In addition to the production of robots, the company operates in the space, aviation, armament and financial sectors. At the same time, experience from the high technology sector has resulted in the creation of the HCR family, which is an extremely innovative product adapted to continuous operation in harsh industrial conditions under the 24/7/365 regime. Finally, automation and robotization is available for every size of enterprise.


Asyril develops, manufactures and sells high performance flexible systems for parts and functions from <0.1 to 150 mm. The unique patented 3-axis vibration technology and intelligent vision system are easy to integrate and include integrated speed, accuracy and operation. Asyril’s key competencies and extensive know-how cover all three types of component system services: vibration shifting, industrial vision and precision robotics. Asyril Asycube Series is compatible with standard parts and can perfectly handle complex geometries as well as very delicate parts. Our technology includes a key player in the industry in Europe, America and Asia, competitive transport and fast return on investment.


At the same time, we provide distribution, consultancy, service and training in the field of grippers, vision systems and sensors of Canadian company ROBOTIQ. These are one of the most innovative accessories for collaborative robots in the world. They enjoy great popularity by strengthening the efficiency of companies. As a result, automation and robotization becomes easy and quick to implement.


We also distribute and advise on gripping systems and force sensors of the Danish company OnRobot. OnRobot supplies modern electric double and three-finger grippers, vacuum grippers, quick couplers for grippers and force sensors.


We are the only distributor of AUTOMAPPPS software in Poland that enables intuitive and easy execution of robotic stations. Thanks to the ready libraries, you can choose the make and model of the robot, transporters, machines and other components necessary to build a robot station. You can easily and quickly test the work of the station with full measurement of performance and quality parameters. Thanks to AUTOMAPPPS, tasks can be programmed easily and quickly, even for low-series production. What’s more, automation and robotization of complex unit processes has become possible.

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