HCR helps in the fight against COVID-19

No new case was reported in Wuhan today – that’s good news. Unfortunately, we are in a difficult fight in Europe. In addition to China, South Korea has the richest experience in the fight against this virus. Even robotics has been involved in the fight. See in the movie.

  • The Korean government has equipped this solution with major medical institutions in Korea.
  • Sterilization of air with circulation by means of ultraviolet rays
  • Sterilization anywhere – even the ceiling and dangerous places using HCR
  • HCR can work precisely 24/7/365

It is an autonomous robot for sterilizing rooms, built of a safe robot arm cooperating HCR, a mobile AGV trolley, a set of UV lamps and air flow and specialized software. Until now, the disinfection task was performed manually based on spraying the disinfectant liquid. It was unsafe work, consisting of being in contaminated rooms. The effect of this work was not always reproducible as a result of operator fatigue. The robot allows you to accurately and precisely sterilize the rooms in which patients on CoVid-19 are staying. In the age of CoVid-19 epidemic threat, this robot is an excellent means of protection and prevention against virus transmission in places particularly exposed to coronavirus exposure.

sterilization robot for covid
sterilization robot for covid

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