COVID-19 mass tests using the HCR robot

COVID-19 mass tests using the HCR robot

Mass testing is important in the fight against COVID-19. See how to easily and quickly perform tests using the cobot HCR.

In the UK, Cobot HCR is specially prepared by PSI Technology for NHS requirements to mass test people. This solution completely protects the Operator against contact with the tested material – both during material collection and laboratory service. In addition, it allows efficient testing of large population groups. Using robotic technologies you can easily and quickly capture the occurrence of COVID-19.

At CoRobotics we have many robotic technologies to fight COVID-19:

✅ mobile disinfection of rooms with AGV and Cobot

✅ automatic sampling, including on COVID-19

✅ automatic disinfection of shopping carts

✅ handling samples in the laboratory

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