Automation of palletizing

A powerful, simple and fast tool for automating palletization.

Palletizing is a hard and monotonous occupation. It turns out that during the day, on average, 60-80 tons of products are stacked manually at the end of one line. I don’t have to write how harmful it is for my back – weights, bending down, bending for months and even years.

From now on, you can use the HCR robot with intuitive software to determine the palletizing or depalletizing scheme. Meet our revolutionary SmartPalletizer.

From now on you can effectively and quickly:
✔ Palletize loads up to 11.5 kg
✔ Handle pallets 1000 x 1200 mm and height up to 2200 mm
✔ Universal gripper for many box sizes
✔ Easy and quick programming – works already within 4 hours of delivery
✔ Ideal for: palletizing and depalletizing cartons, boxes, bottles, packaging and many more

Feel free to contact us! See how easily you can robotize palletizing in your company.

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