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Asyril feeding systems

Asyril develops, manufactures and markets high-performance flexible feeding systems for parts and components from <0.1 to 150 mm. Our innovative 3-axis vibration technology can handle large parts of any geometry and enables extremely gentle part feeding.

Asyril’s special skills and specialization demonstrate its ability to combine vast knowledge and expertise in the field of vibration technology, industrial vision and precision robotics. This unique combination of capabilities enables you to deliver superior, innovative, flexible component feeding systems for current and future automation challenges.

All ASYRIL systems are manufactured in Switzerland, which ensures the highest quality of products and customer service. Many of their renowned customers around the world have gained a sustainable, future-proof competitive advantage and a quick return on investment in ASYRIL systems.

Stoły wibracyjne

Key Benefits

  • Compatible with all part geometries: 99% of all parts of the correct size are separable – including complex geometries and delicate materials
  • The shortest configuration and product change times for new elements,
  • Extremely gentle separation: 3-axis vibration technology allows parts to move freely in all directions on the illuminated table. Minimal wear as parts are not recirculated like in a spiral conveyor. The platform can be emptied.
  • Long life-time due to advanced electromagnetic actuators;
  • No compressed air required
  • No transmission of vibrations to the surrounding machines due to the separation of the vibration platform from the base of the device
  • Accurate part recognition: integrated backlight / optional SmartSight part recognition and image processing
  • Systematic orientation and alignment of parts possible thanks to structured platforms (grooves, holes, recesses / slots)
  • Easy installation and configuration with Feeder Control Center software